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Zyklos Rotating Pan Mixer ZZ 3 PE

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Operational features

When the power is on but the tilting arm is in the raised position the mixing star cannot rotate. When the mixing pan is in place, the lowering of the tilting arm actuates the mixing star, which is let down into the material to be mixed. Raising the tilting arm automatically stops the mixing star. The tilting arm is raised and lowered pneumatically. All functions can be selected using a membrane keypad. The separate control panel and the control cabinet can be located on the left or the right side of the machine.

The current machine parameters can be seen on the LCD display.


  • Speed control using frequency converter
  • Mixing time control
  • Parts in contact with product made of stainless steel
  • Illuminated (interior) mixing chamber
  • Easily removable mixing star
  • Viewing opening in mixer lid

Special equipment:

  • High-speed whirler 0.06 kW 900-1500 rpm frequency-controlled
  • Whisper compressor 0.2 kW, 40 db(A)
  • Water dosage
  • Mixer table as customer’s choice
  • Electrical controls for special voltage/frequency