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Zyklos Rotating Pan Mixer ZK 500 HE, Zyklos Rotating Pan Mixer ZK 500 HEA with skip

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Operational features

When switched on electrically, the mixing star cannot rotate during the tilting arm is in the raised (loading) position. After loading, the tilting arm is lowered to the closed position following which the mixing star is actuated by an integrated proximity switch.

On raising the tilting arm, the mixing star stops automatically. Raising and lowering of the tilting arm as well as tilting of the mixing pan and skip (type HEA) are done hydraulically via push buttons.

Visual checking during mixing is possible through an inspection cover on the tilting arm.

Special equipment

  • High-speed whirler 1500 rpm, 7,5 kW
  • Variable speeds
  • Mixing pan and mixing tools in stainless or special steel or plastic coated
  • Mixing pan drive 3 / 5,5 kW
  • Hydraulically operated skip (type HEA)
  • Hydraulically lowered axle and tow bar (ZK 375)
  • Individual voltage/frequency layout
  • Mirror-inverted version