Service and Know-how

Continued success is only achieved by a motivated and skilled people. Pemat, a long-established Palatine company, is reputated for its engaged, quality conscious staff.

Our team is permanently keen on meeting the challenges and demands of our customers in a competent and innovative way.


Business world-wide

No matter wheater your project concerns the replacement of an old mixer or skip, or the modernization of your batching plant – Pemat’s engineers makes it possible -

We are approaching every job in a systematic method, starting with an analysis of the existing situation, followed by a new design and quote, using modern CAD-technics, thus facilitating easily adaptations and modifications.

From the beginning of a project, engineering and cost budget are based on our customers specification, using a net-work supported administration and services operating on flat hierarchy and fast communication, to handle offers and orders national wise and internationally.


Technology – Made in Germany

Design and accuracy are essential for a long life cycle of your mixer or plant. For that purpose our project engineers are backed up by sophisticated equipment like CAD-work station and visualisation, also for a steady development and up date of our products.

The design of our mixers, skip hoists and batching plants is based on modular systems, thus enabling a maximum of flexibility and economic manufacture of individual solutions.

The Pemat modular design allows multiples configurations and wide, tailor-made concepts and the advantage of flexible calculation parameters from the very beginning.



For these developments, Pemat was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Land Rhineland-Palatinate in 1998.


Our purchasing strategy is led by the following parameters in order to respond to increasing customer demands:


  • Top quality
  • Cost management
  • Sophisticated technology
  • Worldwide presence

To achieve our purchasing targets a number of strategies have been set up, such as suppliers platform, close relationship and integration with the main partners for process improvements and further product development.

Generally do we expect from our suppliers identical performances same as we are prepared to meet by ourselves, namely to respect today’s Social and Environmental Standards. The accomplishment of these Ethical Codex is an essential criteria in the choice of our partners.

Pemat accept his responsibility for the protection of human being and environment.