High Pressure Wash Out Systems PHR



Pemat high pressure wash-out systems PHR

The Pemat high pressure wash-out systems PHR is a modern technique with rotating spray heads. The Pemat 3D spray head system has proven its outstanding efficiency in many different industries under extreme conditions.

For many years we have been installing high pressure wash-out systems at our pan type and planetary mixers. The 3D rotation of the spray heads guarantees an optimal cleaning at low water consumption and minimum operation costs.


Technical Description

The spray heads are fed by a water and dust tight piston pump.

The pump, the valve unit and the float chamber (200 l) are mounted on a compact frame. All parts in

contact to the medium are made of rustless material. On request, operation of the pump is possible either by push-button or integrated in the plant control.

In case of frost, water supply can be interrupted manually and in addition the piping can be blown out by compressed air in order to avoid damages to the unit.

On request, this process can be made automatically.

Main advantages of Pemat wash-out systems




  • Optimal cleaning effect.
  • Permanent buffer of 200 litres of water.
  • Longer life time of the mixer.
  • Improved working conditions for the plant staff.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as a result of lower water consumption, compared to manual cleaning.
  • Longer operation of the plant due to short cleaning and maintenance time.
  • The standard unit includes a manual valve allowing in case of frost to blow out the water from the pump and piping by use of compressed air; additionally an air bleed cock is installed





  • An automatic frost control is possible on request.
  • The Pemat wash-out unit is designed on a modular base, for integration in all plant situations.
  • Pemat wash-out systems are suitable for any type of mixer, bucket-conveyor etc.






Some outcomes impress once. Specials always.



Economical companies have the sensation for high pressure wash-out system. Pemat has the technical equipment.



The cleaning process can be started either manually by push-button or automatically when integrated in the plant control.

The attached table indicates the number of spray heads for each model. In the standard layout up to 4 spray heads can be operated at the same time. To achieve optimal cleaning effects all spray heads are activated simultaneously, thus to minimize the cleaning cycle.

On wash-out systems with more than 4 spray heads they are activated alternatively.

In that case a maximum water supply of 48 l/min at minimum 3 bars pressure is required. The operating pressure of our system is maximum 120 bars.

Hereafter you may find the main components of the Pemat high pressure wash-out system.

The Pemat high pressure wash-out systems mainly consists of:







Flow chart of high pressure wash-out system

1 High pressure pump unit
2 Distribution valve
3 Ball valve electrically controlled
4 Spray head
5 Hand lance
6 Ball valve with L-boring electrically controlled
7 High pressure solenoid valve
A Water inlet from main supply
Z Air inlet

High pressure wash-out system at a Pemat Planetary mixer Type PMP

1 Spray Head 1
2 Spray Head 2
3 Hand lance
4 Pump unit
5 Electric motor
6 Frame
7 Manometer
8 Main switch
9 Water tank
10 Water inlet
11 Float valve
12 Ball valve
13 Distribution pipe
14 Flexible pressure tube


High pressure wash-out system at a High Speed Pan Mixer Type PMP

1 Spray Head 1
2 Spray Head 2
3 Hand lance
4 Pump unit
5 Electric motor
6 Frame
7 Manometer
8 Main switch
9 Water tank
10 Water inlet
11 Float valve
12 Ball valve
13 Distribution pipe
14 Flexible pressure tube

High Pressure Pump Unit


2.1 4 Rubber buffer
2.10 1 Pump
2.11 1 Flange with coupling
2.12 1 Electric motor 11 KW
2.14 0,70m Suction tube Uniflex
2.15 1 Dirt trap brass
2.16 1 Straight screw fitting
2.17 1 Straight plug in socket
2.18 1 Distribution valve
2.21 1 Manometer
2.22 1 Angle screw fitting
2.23 0,70m Hose
2.24 1 Screwed socket
3.1 1 Float Chamber
3.15 1 Support float valve
3.7 2 Float valve
4 1 Switch with emergency stop
5 18.0 – 25.0 A

Economics Calculation of Pemats wash-out system

In the Ready-mix industry, mixers are recommended to be cleaned twice a day (at mid-day and end of shift). Each cleaning takes about 1 working hour.

In the Prefab industry, mixers should be cleaned several times a day, whenever there is a change of product or maybe colour. In continuous production process, it is recommended to clean the mixer even within the shift, in order to avoid too much deposit of concrete.

Here, the economics calculation is based on 4 wash-out process a day. Cleaning of the mixer by the automatic washout system takes max. 10 minutes, which represents a time saving of about 50 respectively 200 minutes per day and, consequently this time can be added to your production process.

Water consumption of the automatic high pressure wash-out system moreover is about 40 % inferior to manual cleaning.

Calculation of profitability in the ready-mix industry:

  • Operation of mixer 8 hours per shift.
  • Cleaning by plant operator.