Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer PMPR with integrated whirler

Pemat Planetary Mixers PMP

are designed to meet the most stringent demands in mixing technology especially in terms of mix homogeneity and for mixes requiring high levels of repeatability.

Pemat Planetary Mixers PMPR with whirler

(patented) guarantees perfect mixing results.

The whirler makes the difference.

Fields of application PMP, PMPR

  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Mortar
  • Roof Tiles
  • Lime stone
  • Glass industry
  • Generating plant
  • Chemical
  • Environmental waste
  • Refractory concrete
  • And many other fields of application

Technical Description

Simple uncluttered design with overhead drive and optional high intensity mixing rotors offers compact construction, excellent access for maintenance and cleaning plus multiple discharge outlets. Fitted as standard equipment by many batch plant manufacturers and installed directly by users Pemat mixers operate to complete customer satisfaction in a variety of industries. PMP mixer drives comprise a single overhead main drive motor with thermistor overload protection flexibly coupled to a specially designed heavyduty gearbox “Made in Germany” by a specialist gearbox manufacturer. Optional electronic smooth start control is recommended allowing emergency start up under load and reduced running costs.

Features of the drive unit:

  • Long service life
  • Reliability
  • Short mixing times
  • Optimum mixing effect
  • Smooth operation
  • Speed control
  • Minimum degree of soiling
  • Low maintenance cost

Various types and qualities of abrasion resistant materials can be supplied to protect mixer floor and outer wall including: chill cast tiles, ceramic tiles, rolled steel plate in various grades of abrasion resistance plus hard weld coated plate. Lateral doors in the mixing pan facilitate the cleaning and maintenance. The entire mixing arm suspension system and adjustment components are located inside the main gearbox housing.

Mixing and scraper arms are flexibly mounted and are adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Mixing arms are manufactured from spring steel and equipped with renewable wear guards. Mixing blades and wall scrapers are available in a variety of materials with different abrasion resistant properties to suit the various qualities of aggregates and mix materials ensuring maximum operational life. The whirler makes the difference, retrofitting also possible.

Mixing tools:

  • Chill cast tiles
  • Rubber
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Tungsten carbide tipped
  • Tungsten carbide coated

The technically advanced Pemat hydraulic discharge system provides smooth operation and a fast clean discharge for reduced mix cycle times.

  • Fast clean discharge
  • Left or right opening possible
  • Safe compact discharge design
  • Up to 4 discharge outlets per mixer
  • Part opening possible
  • Emergency manual discharge facility
  • Proximity limit switches control opening
  • Discharge protection

A compact hydraulic power pack is conveniently located under the mixer providing the necessary operating pressure.

The power pack runs forward on guide rails for easy access for maintenance. Emergency discharge hand pumps are supplied as standard in all models, except the smaller mixers where the door can be opened manually.

Optional discharge guards and chutes incorporating quick access facilities for cleaning and maintenance are available to suit all types of installation.

  • Steel plate construction with renewable wearplates
  • Steel plate construction with rubber lining
  • Tubular frame construction with suspendedrubber chute
  • Pivoting or telescopic discharge chutes

PMP mixer dust covers are rubber sealed and built in 4 large segments. Inlets for aggregates, cement and water can be arranged to suit batch plant design.


Through a review flap can observe the mixing process. Safety limit switches reliably prevent accidental turning on the mixer open folding segment.

PMP mixer dust covers can be opened easily manually or via various optional lifting systems.

  • Manual winch
  • Electric winch
  • Electric chain pulley
  • Pneumatic spring

Various mixer displaced air filtration systems are available depending on mixer size and raw material feed arrangements.

  • Filter bag
  • Airbag unit
  • Fan assisted automatic reverse jet cartridge filter

Water dosage is possible either by scale, metering or electronic measuring system, water injection into the mixer by gravity inlet or through a ramp equipped with nozzles.

All electrical wirings are mounted on terminal boxes and conform to the regulations of the VDE/CE standards.

PMP, PMPR Planetary Mixers can be supplied with the following extras:

  • Skip hoists
  • Steam injection for hot concrets production
  • High pressure wash out systems
  • Camera surveillance
  • Hygrometer/Moisture measuring
  • Cooling system/drying system